AMS grips Berm model blue camo color product inside the packagingAMS grips Berm model blue camo color product

AMS Berm grips. Blue Camo

€27 EUR

 Stylish blue bike grips 

At AMS we know the importance of style, so our grips come in different color combinations to match your particular style. If it’s blue bike grips you are looking for, then take a look at our AMS BERM grips in blue camo. These stylish rubber grips may be just what you were looking for in terms of style, performance, and comfort. The blue camo color is available for our BERM grip model; the color resembles the camouflage patterns seen on military apparel but has cool bluish tonalities.  If blue is your thing, these grips will look great on your handlebar. Go ahead and grip yours!

More than blue mountain bike grips

The BERM grip model is a versatile modern grip with a single lock-on collar design that won’t slide or twist on your handlebar. The tapered profile has an increasing outside diameter that ranges from 29.5mm on the inside to 33.9mm on the outside and adapts perfectly to the natural position of your fingers as they are wrapped around the grip. The BERM blue bike grips model better suits a hand position towards the outside of the handlebar. 

The BERM model will excel at performance without sacrificing comfort. The micro-diamond pattern provides a grippy surface that damps vibration and your ride through difficult trails and descends, and the waffle style at the center provides comfortable slots in which to place your fingers. These grips will definitely enhance your handling and control.

Get stylish new blue bike handlebar grips and grip a new blue camo set from AMS. Visit the All Mountain Style web store and browse our collection of high-performing bike grips.

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