AMS Grips Berm model gum color product inside the packagingAMS Grips Berm model gum color product

AMS Berm grips. Gum

€27 EUR
AMS grips Cero model gum color product in the boxAMS grips Cero model gum color propduct

AMS Cero grips. Gum

€29 EUR

The Many Benefits of Choosing Brown Bike Grips 

Having a stylish bike rig that is customized to your preferences is quite important; you get to express your personality and riding style through customization. Brown bike grips may give you the stylish accent you're looking for, a more neutral color that works with just about every bike. AMS offers tan bike handle grips that are not only stylish but also perform excellently on the trails. 

How to Choose the Best Brown Bike Grips for Your Bicycle

Choosing your ideal brown bike grips should not be too complicated. You have already matched your grip color to your rig which sometimes can be the most difficult part. It’s time to take a look at some other important factors, such as your grip size, and length. Find the right size for your bike grips by measuring the width of your hands and the distance between the base of your wrist to the top of your middle finger: this should give you a good idea of the grip length and diameter you require. 

What about your riding style? Are you an enduro or an all-mountain biker looking to improve your grip on tough descends? Rubber grips work well with mountain bikes offering a great balance of durability and comfort. The grip design itself includes features like different textures and patterns that affect your grip on the handlebar and the look and feel of the grip.

Top Picks for Quality Brown Bike Grips

Our recommended choice for bike grips brown are the AMS Cero and Berm grips. The grips have a modern design with a single lock on the collar that makes installation a breeze. Both options are made of high-quality and durable rubber with different textures and patterns for a solid grip without sacrificing comfort.

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