AMS grips Berm model white camo color product inside the packagingAMS grips Berm model white camo color product
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AMS Berm grips. White Camo


Brighten Up Your Bicycle with White Bike Grips

If you're looking for a way to enhance the look of your mountain bike, white handlebar grips might be just what you need. The AMS CERO black and white grips and the BERM white camo will add a little extra flair and personality to your mountain bike. These grips deliver excellent performance too and are made from durable, yet soft rubber with different textures and densities. You’ll have a solid connection to your handlebar and improved handling and control. Make your mountain biking experience a little bit more fun and give these white grips a try.

The Benefits of Choosing white mountain bike grips

Sometimes, it is all about style! If white color is your thing, then you are in luck. AMS white bike grips can improve and compliment the look of your bike; they are relatively easy to match other bike components too. Rather than just making an entirely solid white bike grip that will look dirty over time, our CERO grip adds a touch of white on the inside of the grip and adds a different texture to it while the surface under the palms is black and clean looking. Another great option is the BERM white camo which resembles the military pattern in white. This pattern will also look clean over time and has features that will improve your riding experience.

Top Picks for Stylish and Durable clear mtb grips 

The AMS CERO black and white and the BERM white camo are both top recommended bike grips, not only because of the style but also due to their excellent performance.

1. AMS CERO Black/White grips 

Our bicolor option with a constant outside diameter of 30 mm and two different rubber densities. This grip is recommended for a hand position that leans toward the inside of the grip. Your thumbs will be resting on a white surface with diamond patterns that are slightly harder than the rest of the grip. The palm’s surface is black with a micro-diamond pattern that’s grippy and easy on the hands and comfortable waffle blocks to rest your fingers on.

2. AMS BERM White Camo Grips

Our camo option with a tapered profile and an outside diameter that ranges from 29.5 mm on the inside to 33.9 mm on the outside. These white bicycle grips are recommended for a hand position that leans toward the outside of the grip. The entire surface has a grippy and comfortable micro-diamond pattern and the finger’s area has comfortable waffle blocks.

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