Xavi Navarro

Co-Founder, General Manager

Sports addict and traveler passionate. Always learning about businesses and new trends

Xavi Navarro - Co-founder, General Manager


I grew up with a passion for sports and entrepreneurship. Being a child I started small businesses (none of them worked) and practiced different sports (I had better results than my businesses). After several years I decided to mix both passions and created some great projects with awesome results till Carles and I decided to fuse our knowledge and skills to start AMS in 2013. Since then, I've never stopped thinking about how to keep growing AMS and build a cool brand

Personal Interests

I'm extremely curious and I love to learn anything. From astronomy to bio hacking, renewable energy or fashion. I love watching and listening YouTube videos every day. In fact I don't remember the last time I watch the "traditional" TV. My other passion is to meet great people. Share good chats with them in a good restaurant, eating excellent foods and drinking a superb red wine (my newest and less healthy passion) 

Connect with Xavi

My privacy is one thing I value the most. I never share anything about me or my personal live. So, if you want to contact me then send me a message on


    For questions or to discuss cycling and AMS products, feel free to send me an email