Prevent bike grips from slipping

Bike grips are one of three points of contact with your bike, keeping them in place while riding is very important.  Imagine going through a tough descent or speeding trail with a loose grip. All of a sudden the security and handling of your bike get compromised and biking stops being fun! Bike grips slipping is a common problem among riders; luckily, it has a simple solution too. In this article, we explain what causes grips slippage and how to stop your bike grips from slipping

 Stop bike grips from slipping

First, we need to make sure the grips have been installed correctly and are securely fastened to the handlebar. In the case of lock-on grips, make sure collars are tightly gripping the handlebar by turning the screws following the recommended torque that should be stated on the grip collar and/or packaging. If you are installing push-on grips, make sure the handlebar is clean before installation. Also, using hairspray is recommended to avoid slippage. 

To stop bike grips from slipping, we should also understand what causes a grip to slip. When dirt gets between your grip and the handlebar you may get slippage; If this is the case, remove the grip and clean the handlebar prior to sliding your grips back. Also, wet conditions may affect your grip's adhesion to the handlebar. AMS grips will hold up nicely to a wet test; however, you may not be so lucky with other brands. Last, worn grips may become loose and slip on the handlebar. If you are a hardcore rider pushing your bike to the limits, your grips will likely wear more rapidly. Keep an eye out for worn or damaged grips and replace them for a new set.

Lock-on Rubber Grips that won’t Slip

The AMS rubber grips have been designed with a single inside collar that securely holds the grip to the handlebar. Other brands may include an additional collar on the outside, but this collar gets in the way of comfort, especially for riders with a hand position towards the outside of the handlebar. It’s also easy to lose the outer collar when hitting trees or branches while riding.

Our single collar design facilitates a quick and easy installation by turning a hex screw that tightens the collar around the handlebar. The grip is securely fastened and you’ll have a solid connection to your bike; AMS single lock-on grips won’t slip or twist easily over the handlebar. 

Push-on Foam Grips that won’t Slip 

There are many riders out there who prefer foam over rubber grips, and that’s because of the overall great feel they offer. The AMS foam grips offer superior comfort and performance that are unmatched by other brands. The soft padding greatly reduces the shock and vibrations from the track, and the grips feel super secure while riding.

To install the grip we recommend cleaning the handlebar thoroughly and using hairspray on the handlebar before sliding your grips into position, this will bond the grips to the handlebar and will prevent slipping. Also, did we mention that AMS foam grips are extremely light? Our foam grips weigh just 18 grams per pair, less than 1/3 of the leading foam grips in the market.

Stop your bike grips from slipping with a new set from AMS. Visit the All Mountain Style web store and browse our collection of high-performing bike grips.

Carles Carrera

Co-Founder, Product&Marketing

Carles' passion for Enduro MTB ignited the creation of AMS. Nowadays, you're more likely to find him speeding along scenic gravel paths, enjoying the thrill of his gravel bike.

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