Which factors make a bike grip comfortable and what are the best ones?


Aspect Details
Design AMS grips designed for performance and comfort, tested by expert riders.
Textures Patterns and rubber thickness contribute to grip comfort and traction.
Materials Dual-density rubber, various patterns like micro-diamond and waffle-style blocks.
Grip Profile CERO: Plain gauge profile, 30mm thickness. BERM: Tapered profile, 29.5mm to 33.9mm diameter.
Rubber Thickness Thicker rubber for more padding and vibration damping, suitable for bumpy rides.
Patterns Micro-diamond pattern and bigger diamonds for different grip areas, aiding in comfort and traction.
Outside Diameter CERO: Uniform thickness suitable for emphasis on inside of grip. BERM: Tapered, suitable for outside emphasis.
Design Team Led by ex-World Cup Downhill racer Cesar Rojo.
Installation Easy installation with a single lock on the collar to prevent twisting.
Hand Size Measurement Tip of middle finger to base of wrist to determine grip perimeter.



A comfortable grip is really a combination of diverse factors such as:

  • Design,
  • Textures
  • Materials

What factors contribute to a comfortable bike grip?

Our goal with the AMS grips is to improve performance without sacrificing comfort. After thoughtful design, prototyping, and testing by expert riders, we found a combination of factors that work optimally for MTB riders.

Patterns and rubber thickness

The thicker the rubber, the more padding and vibration damping you get on bumpy rides. Although each rider may have their personal preference, a thicker grip should provide more support and require less force on your grip. The patterns, in turn, play a major in the comfort and traction you get from your grip. For instance, our CERO model comes with a dual-density rubber that combines a micro-diamond pattern that extends outwards on the grip and bigger diamonds beneath the thumbs. The fingers area has waffle-style blocks that make comfortable and grippy slots for your fingers.

Grip profile and outside diameter

Grip profile and outside diameter also play a major role in grip comfort and in many cases are also a matter of personal preference. Our CERO model has a plain gauge profile with a uniform thickness of 30mm. If you place more emphasis on the inside of the grip while riding, then CERO is the right choice for you! And, did we mention that our CERO grips have been crafted by the CERO design team led by ex-World Cup Downhill racer Cesar Rojo? The cutting-edge engineering firm has come up with really remarkable bike designs and suspensions that have disrupted the bike industry.

On the other hand, our BERM grip has a tapered profile with a diámeter that ranges from 29,5mm on the inside to 33.9mm on the outside. The tapered profile mirrors the Rider's hand in a closed fist position providing more support under the fourth and fifth fingers.

We recommended the BERM model to Riders that place more emphasis on the outside of the handlebar. The combination of a soft micro-diamond pattern and waffle-style blocks beneath the fingertips provides comfort and grip.

Outside diameter

Lastly, a quick tip to find the correct outside diameter for your hand size. Simply measure the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your wrist; that’s the perimeter of your grip. Apply some simple math to get the proper outside diameter for your grip.

What are the most comfortable mountain bike grips?

AMS comfort bike grips have different textures and materials that provide a grippy surface with plenty of cushion and vibration dampening. In addition, they can be installed quickly and easily with the use of a single lock on the collar that fixates the grip position and effectively avoids twisting and turning over the handlebar. We definitely recommend trying either CERO or BERM to see the results for yourself. You can thank us later!

When it comes to comfort bike grips, we are confident that our grips will meet your expectations and improve your riding experience.

From Barcelona to the whole world, our grips have been engineered, prototyped, and manufactured to exhibit quality and style unmatched by other brands.


Carles Carrera

Co-Founder, Product&Marketing

Carles' passion for Enduro MTB ignited the creation of AMS. Nowadays, you're more likely to find him speeding along scenic gravel paths, enjoying the thrill of his gravel bike.