A guide to choose the correct bike grip length

If you have had the chance to replace used grips, you have probably had to choose between different grip options including length, diameter, rubber thickness, etc. Bike grips do come in various lengths, but why is it important? and why should you pay attention to this attribute when buying new grips?

Although the length does not play a crucial role in feeling and comfort, it is important to match the correct grip length to your brakes and the type of shifter installed on your handlebar. Get detailed insight into the importance of mountain bike grip length and other attributes such as grip diameters, texture, materials, and more!

Read the following guide to mountain bike grips size to choose the correct one.

Choosing the correct grip length

Mountain bike grip lengths range from 90mm to 150mm. In particular, our grip models CERO and BERM come in lengths of 132mm and 135mm respectively.

The length chosen for grips can be considered an average length for mountain bikes and in our case, it is part of a clever design that is comfortable, feels grippy, and absorbs vibration.

The AMS grips’ length is also versatile allowing different hand positioning slightly towards the inside or outside of the handlebar.

Which grip diameter is right for you?

There are a few guidelines you need to follow in choosing the correct grip diameter which is a very important attribute of your grip. Then again, the correct diameter is also a matter of preference.

You will find that common outer diameters for MTB grips are 30mm and 32mm; this size is a great fit for many riders out there. In particular, our CERO grip mode has an outside diameter of 32mm maintained which is constant throughout the grip and our BERM model has a tapered profile with a diameter that ranges from 29.5mm to 33.9mm.

Riders with smaller hands tend to go for smaller diameters, and riders with bigger hands will likely do the opposite. You should be able to place your hands around the handlebar comfortably without the need to squeeze tightly to get a hold. An easy way to calculate the correct grip diameter for your hand size is to measure the length from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your wrist. Use this measurement and some basic math to get your diameter.

Grip textures and materials

These attributes are the peak of relevance when it comes to grips. The materials and textures that make up your grip will greatly impact comfort, vibration dampening, and the hold on your handlebar.

We have made our grip models CERO and BERM have different rubber patterns that ensure a solid connection to your handlebar so you can ride comfortably and safely on challenging tracks.

The CERO model is made with dual-density rubber that includes a micro-diamond pattern and a bigger diamond beneath the thumbs. Waffle-style blocks beneath those fingers provide a nice comfortable place to slide your fingers into.

The BERM model comes with a micro-diamond pattern that extends outward from the lock-on clamp and waffle-style blocks beneath the fingers.

Grips are definitely an important bike accessory that can make a huge difference in your riding experience.Choose the best.

For an amazing feel and look, try our AMS CERO and BERM grips. From Barcelona to the whole world, the AMS grips have been engineered, prototyped, and manufactured to exhibit quality and style unmatched by other brands.

Carles Carrera

Co-Founder, Product&Marketing

Carles' passion for Enduro MTB ignited the creation of AMS. Nowadays, you're more likely to find him speeding along scenic gravel paths, enjoying the thrill of his gravel bike.

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