The Grand Duel. Cero Vs Berm | How do you decide?

Pick your weapon of choice for a Wild West style battle. Cero or Berm?

How to choose between Cero and Berm grips

How to choose the best AMS mountain bike grip for your needs? We know it's not easy to choose grips. Well in fact it's easy for most. You simply choose those you like the most, but here you have some criteria to help you decide which model is a better fit for your needs based on some technical and not so technical analysis. 

By hand position or how you wear out old grips

If you place more emphasis on the outside grip while you ride. That is, if you find yourself wearing out your old grips on the outside instead of the inside choose the BERM model. 

They are slightly tapered and have thicker rubber on the outside. 

If you place more emphasis on the inside grip (wearing out old grips on the inside) choose the CERO model.

They're a little bit harder on the inside. 

By available grip length

Grip the handlebar and check your hand width.

Probably the 132mm length (121mm without the metal collar) of the CERO grips would be enough.

Need/want more? Get the BERM model with a 135mm length (124mm without the metal collar)

By grip diameter

Feel comfortable with the “universal” 30mm and constant external diameter of the CERO model?.

Or do you prefer to choose the tapered BERM model with diameters going from 29.5mm inside to 33.9mm outside and a center diameter of 31.7mm?

By rubber thickness.

The thicker they are, the more vibration they absorb

The CERO model has a constant 2.6mm thickness. More than enough to most of us. 

The Berm model thickness is tapered ranging from 1.95mm inside (lower thickness and more feeling) to 4.5mm outside with a mean diameter of 3.23mm (chunkier and more comfortable)

By grip design on the thumb area

Do you prefer a different feeling at the thumb like the CERO model? The CERO has a different design and harder compound on the thumb area. 

Or do you prefer the straight, thumb features-free BERM model?

By the surface of the grip

The microdiamonds of the BERM model together with the thicker rubber make them feel softer and more padded. More comfy. Perfect if you like to ride without gloves. 

The bigger diamonds of the CERO model make it grippier. And a tad more aggressive. 

And last: It’s all about the style

Bicolor? CERO.

Camo? BERM

Monocolor? Both or Red Bull Rampage edition of the CERO or BERM model.

We know how important style and matchy-matchy is, so … this is totally on you.

Grip yours!!!


Carles Carrera

Co-Founder, Product&Marketing

Carles' passion for Enduro MTB ignited the creation of AMS. Nowadays, you're more likely to find him speeding along scenic gravel paths, enjoying the thrill of his gravel bike.