Frame protection for mountain bikes, gravel bikes and road bikes

Here you will find everything you need to protect your bike frame and keep it looking like new for longer. There are kits available to protect all susceptible areas of your bike starting with basic protection kits all the way to the total protection kits which will cover all areas of your frame and your fork. Take a look at the many options we have to offer and select the  bike frame protector kit that best suits your needs.

AMS Honeycomb frame protection stickers 

We offer precut stickers that firmly adhere to your frame and are easy to install.  There is no need to cut tape rolls or go through a lengthy process of wrapping your frame and then letting the stickers set it in. The mountain bike skins or frame saver are made for universal fitting and the precut shapes easily adapt to your frame even on difficult curves. 

The stickers are made of a high-quality adhesive PVC that has a unique look and feel and will withstand impact and cable rubbing. Pick among many cool graphics and designs that will improve the look of your bike frame protection while adding a personal touch to it. Or if you prefer, there are also clear bike frame protection kits for a lesser visual impact.

 Why use AMS frame guards to protect your bike

All mountain bikes are constantly exposed to rough conditions including dirt, mud, and other debris which may scratch or damage the bike’s frame. Also, mountain bikes are relatively expensive, so it's in our best interest to protect our investment.

We recommend using mtb frame protection stickers from day one,  over wrap or tape to keep your bike frame scratch free, especially if you are going to ride on rough terrains, gravel roads, and trails that may deteriorate your frame. A frame keeper is the way to go!

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FAQ About MTB Frame Protection

Is mountain bike frame protection worth it?

Frame protection for mountain bikes is definitely worth it. When you own a mountain bike, you're making an investment that requires proper safeguarding. By utilizing frame protection, you can effectively shield your bike against undesirable scratches, dings, and the detrimental effects of weathering. Additionally, this protective measure ensures that your bike retains its aesthetic appeal, even after enduring rigorous usage. If your objective is to prolong the lifespan of your bike while preserving its value, investing in mountain bike frame protection is unquestionably a worthwhile decision.

What is the best way to protect a mountain bike frame?

The best way to protect a mountain bike frame is by utilizing specially designed frame savers or protectors. These guards are typically constructed from durable materials and serve as a barrier against impacts and abrasions. They are conveniently applicable and often available in clear or various designs, allowing customization to align with the aesthetic of your bike.

How do I protect my mountain bike from scratches?

To protect your mountain bike from scratches, consider utilizing MTB Frame Protection products like frame guards. These adhesive protective layers can be applied to the vulnerable areas of your bike. By using frame guards, you can mitigate the risk of scratches caused by rocks, debris, and transportation-related incidents.

Where do you put frame protection on a mountain bike?

The ideal placement for frame protection on a mountain bike involves applying it to the high-impact and high-wear regions. These areas typically include the downtube, chainstays, seatstays, and any sections where cables may come into contact with the frame. Optimal protection is achieved by utilizing frame guards that are specifically designed to fit these areas, providing superior safeguarding.

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