Choosing by hand position

If you place more emphasis on the outside grip choose the BERM model. If you place more emphasis on the inside grip choose the CERO model.  

Choosing by length

Grip the handlebar and check your hand width. Probably the 132mm length (121mm without the metal collar) of the CERO grips would be enough. Need/want more? Get the BERM model with a 135mm length (124mm without the metal collar) 

Choosing by diameter

Feel comfortable with the “universal” 30mm external diameter of the CERO model?. Or do you prefer to choose the tapered BERM model with diameters going from 29.5mm inside to 33.9mm outside and a center diameter of 31.7mm?

Choosing by rubber thickness

The CERO model has a constant 2.6mm thickness. The Berm model thickness is tapered ranging  from 1.95mm inside to 4.5mm outside with a mean diameter of 3.23mm

Thumb grip

Do you prefer a different feeling at the thumb like the CERO model? or do you prefer the straight, thumb features-free BERM model?


The microdiamonds of the BERM model together with the thicker rubber make them feel softer and more padded. The bigger diamonds of the CERO model make it grippier. 

And lastly. It’s all about the style

Bicolor? CERO. 

Camo? BERM

Monocolor? Both 

We know how important style and matchy-matchy is, so … this is totally on you. 

Grip yours!!!