AMS foam bike grips 

The new AMS foam grips mtb are super comfortable and lightweight. The padding offered by our foam grips is super soft and comfortable; you’ll be riding comfortably without any pains or discomforts even on long rides. When compared to other grips on the market, our foam bike grips are the lightest available weighing only 18 grams per pair. The Tesla valve texture pattern adds an improved grip surface in highly humid conditions or when gripping with sweaty hands. 

These grips look and feel great “Like Crocs for your Cyclist hands”

 Installation of the foamy bike grips 

The grips can be installed by applying a bit of hairspray and sliding them onto the handlebar. After installation, the grip has an outer diameter of 30 mm and fits tightly onto the handlebar. These foam handlebar grips won’t twist easily and will provide a secure and solid connection to the handlebar even on gnarly and difficult tracks if you install them applying hairspray which would “glue” them to the handlebar  .

The foam material is water-repellant and adapts comfortably to the contour of your hand, and the soft padding provides excellent shock absorbance and vibration-damping effects.

AMS extra light foam grips, your next favorite accessory

If you are unsure about your current bike grips or if you are experiencing discomfort or sore hands or forearms while riding, the AMS foam bike grips can be your next favorite thing!  You will be able to fully enjoy your rides and greatly reduce the chances of stopping due to discomfort or sore hands, especially on prolonged rides. Our extralight foam grips have been crafted to make sure they provide superior comfort and a high-performing grip that’s unmatched by other brands.

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