Ergonomic bike grips to suit you riding style

The ergonomic bike grips often refer to a type grip with a special contour and shape that allows your hand to rest naturally and comfortably while gipping the handlebar. The different shapes may include a wider section to extra palm support and integrated bar ends among other features, however, other aspects come into play when it comes to ergonomic mountain bike grips. At the end of the day, it all comes down to finding the perfect balance between comfort and performance that will work best for your particular riding style.

Aspects you should consider about ergonomic bike grips

Key aspect you should consider:

The correct hand size to grip diameter ratio. Specifically, our Extralight grips have a uniform diameter of 30mm while the BERM model has a tapered diameter going from 29.5mm on the inside to 33.5mm on the outside.

These two models will suit the majority of riders. While in the process of finding new ergonomic bike grips.

Also consider the type of gloves you're using as well; gloves with too much padding may require a smaller grip diameter. Riders with a smaller hand size tend to choose a smaller grip diameter for a tight grip around the handlebar while riders with a bigger hand size often choose bigger diameters.

Textures and materials are also crucial in ergonomic bike grips. The Extralight model comes with a tesla valve texture for better grip in humid and sweaty conditions. We like to describe them as “like Crocs for your (cyclist) hands" .The BERM model has a setup with a micro-diamond pattern and waffle-style blocks under the fingers. The mixtures of patterns and materials used BERM models result in very comfortable grips that provide a solid connection to the handlebar.

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