Best lock on grips by AMS

For outstanding performance and comfortable grips that look great, try our single lock on bike grips. Our signature grips, CERO and BERM, have been tested and designed with a single lock-on clamp on the inside of the grip that effectively avoids twisting or turning over the handlebar. The single lock-on grips are easy to install; simply slide them into the handlebar and tighten the single socket screw to fix the position.

As opposed to double lock-on grips, the single lock-on design allows you to place your hand all the way to the outside of the bar without having to rest your palm on a second aluminum clamp; over long rides, a second clamp may be uncomfortable, and cause pain. The single-clamp design also makes for a sleek and better-looking grip that won't scratch the surfaces where your bike rests. The grips come with a micro diamond shape that is soft and grippy; the finger side has a waffle pattern to comfortably place your digits.

Ours signature grips; CERO and BERM

If you are in the market for new lock on bike grips, definitely try one of our signature models, CERO and BERM.

The CERO bike lock grips have:

  • A uniform plain gauge profile with a subtle flange on the outside.
  • The CERO model is ideal for a hand position leaning towards the inside of the handlebar.

The BERM model has:

  • A tapered diameter that is thicker on the outside and has no flange. If you place more emphasis on the outside of the handlebar, the BERM model is the right choice.

Use them to replace your worn lock on bike grips for an improvement in comfort and a solid connection to the handlebar.

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