AMS bike grips for hybrid bikes

A hybrid bike combines features of both road and MTB bikes and may be used in a variety of situations including enduro, commuting, and touring among others. Therefore, your grips for a hybrid bike need to offer versatility and features that allow them to function well in most situations. AMS offers one of the best grips for a hybrid bike with modern design and features that provide a high grip and feel comfortable even on the most difficult terrains or long-term riding.

Light and extralight bike grips for hybrid

The AMS grips are packed with features that offer great versatility and unique style. A dual pattern and density combine a micro-diamond shape and waffle style at the bottom for an excellent high grip, stability, and control. The grips are secured to the handlebar with a single inside collar that keeps the grips in position without loosening or twisting. The AMS grips and extralight grips provide comfort and help relieve fatigue caused by long rides. however, you will also have a secure and high grip needed on difficult terrains. Choose the CERO if you prefer a plain gauge profile with a uniform thickness and grippier feel or the BERM model with a tapered thickness that feels softer and more padded. Also, if you place more emphasis on the inside of the bar, choose the BERM grip, and if you put more emphasis on the outside, choose the CERO grip.

Don’t overlook the importance of your bike grips, and try one of the best grips for hybrid bikes available. AMS grips will improve the performance and safety of your hybrid bike. From Barcelona to the whole world, our grips have been engineered, prototyped, and manufactured to exhibit quality and style unmatched by other brands.

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