Mountain bike grips are an important interface between you and your bike; good quality grips help keep your hands in place and reduce vibrations from the terrain. When riding downhill, good quality grips can make the difference between arriving safely at the bottom or risking serious injuries; therefore, acquiring new and adequate grips for your downhill venture should be on the list of priorities. AMS offers one of the best downhill bike grips in the market providing a high grip that has been tested by pro riders in the most difficult terrains. The features on the AMS grips will guarantee a solid grip on the handle and a comfortable ride.

Best downhill bike grips

Riders who often ride downhill or simply seek a better handle usually prefer plain gauge grips with uniform rubber thickness throughout the entire length. This would be the case with the AMS Cero grips, our recommended choice for the downhill rider. The Cero grip also performs well in any mountain biking situation; however, if you place more emphasis on the inside of the bar, you may choose the BERM model with a tapered diameter. Both grips come with a dual pattern and density that provides plenty of grip for your hand while also providing cushion and comfort that are desirable during an extended downhill ride. The diamond pattern with a waffle shape at the bottom provides excellent grip at your fingertips and adds a different texture and unique feel. The AMS grips have a versatile design that’s been developed by MTB experts and is surely among the best downhill bike grips.

For an amazing feel and look, try our AMS best downhill bike grips. From Barcelona to the whole world, the AMS grips have been engineered, prototyped, and manufactured to exhibit quality and style unmatched by other brands.

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