Nowadays, you can find outstanding e-bikes to ride on MTB trails with motors and internal batteries to deliver an extra push that makes MTB rides easier and more enjoyable, especially on steep climbs. With an e-bike, you will likely go on longer trails or will probably cover your normal distance more often. So, what kind of grips do you need for your e-mtb bike? Keep in mind e-bikes are a little heavier and faster than regular ikes; you need a grip that helps you stay comfortably in control the whole time and with an excellent vibration-dampening effect to better withstand the impact of long trails.

e-Bike handlebar grips for MTB riders

The AMS CERO and BERM will deliver all the features you require from e-bike grips so you can level up your e-mtb riding experience with a rather inexpensive and quick change. You will be riding comfortably and safely all the time with grips made from a high-quality rubber material that stays securely in place with the help of a single lock-on collar. The different textures with micro diamonds and waffle shapes at the fingertips provide a solid grip on your handlebar. Choose the plain gauge CERO model if you place more emphasis on the inside of your handlebar or the BERM model with a tapered thickness if you place more emphasis on the outside of your handlebar. Our grips come in a variety of colors including solid, bi-color, and CAMO to suit your personal style.

Don’t overlook the importance of bike grips, they play an important role in the safety and comfort of your ride. Get going with a pair of AMS grips. Use them to replace your old worn e-bike grips or to upgrade your stock grips; you will notice an improvement in comfort and performance right from the start. From Barcelona to the whole world, our grips have been engineered, prototyped, and manufactured to exhibit quality and style unmatched by other brands.


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